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About Upman Laser

Upman Laser has been dedicated to designing and manufacturing fiber laser cutting and welding machines since its establishment. Relying on years of experience in the metal processing field and our professional team, we are capable of providing solutions throughout your project from confirming welding requirements until the machine gets up and running. Quality and innovation are always the core values of Upman Laser. 


With the continuous development of laser technology, fiber laser cutting machines are gradually replacing traditional cutting methods with their flexibility and high precision. At present, fiber laser cutting machines are mainly used in the following industries: Kitchenware; automobile manufacturing; fitness equipment; advertising industry; sheet metal processing industry; cabinet industry; agricultural machinery industry; aerospace industry; shipbuilding industry.

Main Product Details

High-quality components will determine the accuracy and reliability of the equipment

Operation System

We use CypCut or HypCut, which is an in-depth design for fiber laser cutting industry. It simplifies complex CNC machine operation and integrates CAD, Nest and CAM modules in one. From drawing, nesting to workpiece cutting all can be finished by a few clicks.

Laser cutting head

Automatic focus type, focus can be adjusted automatically, operation is simple, convenient,fast and accurate. Has complete functions.of strong performance, and many choices, which can meet different laser processing needs,such as cutting, welding, and surface treatment.

Machine bed

Machine bed adopts plate welding or pipes welding according to differnt machine models and laser powers. Every single machine bed is built after many procedures,like heat annealing, blast shoting, painting.gantry drilling treatment, etc… to make sure the reliability and durability.


Aerospace level of casting aluminum type of gantry is used for our machines. It features light weight, high movement speed, high acceleration.Aluminum’s resistance to corrosion and fatigue makes the components last longer. leading to increased machine durability

Why Choose Us?

A global provider of one-stop metal fabrication solutions

Rich Experience

Upman Laser has 10,000 square meters standardized intelligent equipment manufacturing bases, and 13 years experience on metal processing. We provide high-end intelligent laser equipments and solutions by a number of professional and technical personnel.

Strict Quality Control

High quality is our pursuit. The main components of the equipment adopt original imported components,large-scale production, excellent product quality,professional user training and perfect after-salesservice are the basis to ensure user satisfaction.

Timely Service

Whether you are facing problems while using our products, or require technical and training support,our sincere customer support and services teams are to answer your questions and make sure you’ regetting the most out of your machines.

Customer reviews

From cooperative customers

Upman Laser fue confiable al comprarles, la máquina funcionó perfectamente, respondieron a los mensajes muy rápidamente y nos ayudaron a resolver todos nuestros problemas. ¡maravilloso!

Cristian Rojas Farias


¡Esta soldadora láser es una obra de arte! Su precisión y estabilidad mejoran enormemente nuestra eficiencia de producción y es simple de operar y fácil de usar.

Esteban Cadena


As a custom machine parts manufacturer, we were looking for a reliable laser welding solution to meet our customers’ needs. The Upman laser welding machine fully meets our expectations! Its performance exceeded our imagination!

Ermal Bushi


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