Upman Customer Service Policy


Pre-sales service

1. Provide customers with corresponding equipment information and guidance through the Internet, telephone, letters, door-to-door, etc., and formulate exclusive solutions according to the development needs of the local industry;

2. Provide sample service: customers can provide documents, and we will make free samples and mail them to your location;

Service in sale

1. Integrity and fairness: Regardless of the contract amount, new and old customers, domestic and foreign customers, we will treat them honestly and fairly;

2. Guaranteed quality and quantity: Strictly implement the terms of the contract, strictly abide by the product standards, and conduct multiple quality inspections on each device ordered by the customer.

After-sale service

1. Customer service: 7*24H quick response service. 2. We provide remote services through the network and telephone, and professional engineers provide rapid error diagnosis and repair solutions. The main contact APPs used are WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, etc.

3. Provide door-to-door technical services (we have professional engineers to provide machine installation, commissioning, and maintenance).

Marketing Network

One of our key strengths is our global reach. 

Video Center?

One of our key strengths is our global reach. 

Packaging and Transportation


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A: The fiber laser outputs a high-energy density laser beam, which instantly melts and vaporizes the area illuminated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the work piece, and realizes automatic cutting by moving the spot irradiation position through a numerical control mechanical system.

  • High cutting accuracy and speed. The cutting accuracy is high, and the cutting surface is smooth without burrs.
  • Better cutting quality. The laser cutting head does not contact the surface of the material and does not scratch the work.
  • Narrow cutting slit. The minimum heat affected zone results in minimal local deformation of the work piece and no mechanical deformation.
  • Good processing flexibility. It can process any graphics, and it can also cut pipes and other profiles.
  • More powerful. It can cut non-deformation of steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy plate, hard alloy and other hard materials.

It can realize the cutting of stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, silicon steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, pickled plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal plates and pipes.

Laser cutting machines are widely used in metal processing for manufacturing kitchenware, auto parts, aerospace parts, electronic product casings, medical device manufacturing, etc.

T/T. 30% payment as deposit to start production, and 70% balance payment before delivery.

Yes. We can send CE certificate at first. After the equipment is shipped, We will provide you with B/L, Invoice and P/L as well as other customs clearance documents, including Certificate of origin.

  • Before you receive the machine, we will deliver English Manual and Installation Instruction video with the machine to you.
  • After you receive the machine, we will guide you to install and debug the machine online by WhatsApp or others.
  • At the same time, our engineers can also provide door-to-door installation and maintenance services from China or UK

220V, 50Hz, single phase or 380V, 50Hz, three phase.

We will give you 30 pcs protection lens, 20 pcs welding nozzles and collimating and focusing lenses for free which will delivery with the machine together.

Nitrogen and Argon. We will recommend you to use nitrogen to weld CS, SS, AL and etc. Which costs less than Argon.