How does handheld fiber laser welding machine overturns the market of traditional electrode welding?

Welding technique is widely applied in metal processing field, from carbon steel, stainless steel to copper and aluminum alloy, etc… it can be seen everywhere. At present the pretty common welding method is electrode welding, electric welder can be seen in almost every workshop and roadside welding supply stores.

However, traditional electrode welding machine has some disadvantages, which results that less and less young people choose to be a welder. The emergence of handheld fiber laser welding machine just makes up the disadvantages of the traditional electrode welding, which makes handheld fiber laser welding machine a good alternative. Therefore, the demand for the handheld fiber laser welding machine is sharply increasing nowadays.

01. Sore points of traditional electrode welding

The first disadvantage of traditional electrode welding is the damage of the numerous of metal dust which is generated during welding process. The metal dust contains heavy duty elements like iron, carbon, Manganese, Chrome, Nickel, Silicon, etc… and compounds like iron oxide, manganese oxide, titanium oxide, etc… These substances are pretty small, which is extraordinarily easily to be inhaled into lung and causes lung diseases. A number of toxic gases like ozone, carbon monoxide are generated during electrode welding process, which have strong corrosion to respiratory tract and lung of human being.

Secondly, during electrode welding process, there is arc light generated, which consists infrared ray, visible light and ultraviolet ray. Among the rays, ultraviolet ray is the most dangerous to human being, it can penetrate through cornea and conjunctiva of eyes, thus to damage the crystalline lens and retina, causing eye diseases like cataract, keratoconjunctivitis and debility of eyesight.

Right because people are now increasing their safety awareness, it is pretty hard to hire welder.

02. Handheld fiber laser welding machine, replacing traditional electrode welding, is a new trend

After emergence of handheld fiber laser welding machine in 2018, it has got relatively big attention, the sharp increase of handheld fiber laser welding machine in the past few years makes it more and more popular. Following fiber laser marking machine, fiber laser cutting machine, handheld fiber laser welding machine has become a new kind that increases the fastest.

Same as traditional electrode welding, handheld fiber laser welding machine features high feasibility, no need mechanical clamp tools, easy to use and operate. The spot welding efficiency of fiber laser welding machine is almost 10 times higher than than of electrode welding, saving a lot of time and labor. Moreover, the weight of laser welding gun is optimized to around 700g from previous 2KG, in term of operation, welder will not feel tired even after a long time of operation, which is pretty practical.

Welding rod is needed for traditional electrode welding, while fiber laser welding doesn’t, which decreases the generation of metal dusts and toxic gases to the greatest extent, thus is relatively better for healthy of operators. However, fiber laser welding technique can also generate sparks and reflective light, strictly speaking, operating fiber laser welding machine requires special protective goggles, or working bench needs to be put inside the protective cover.

Now one of the main important reasons why sales volume of fiber laser welding machine increases sharply is the decrease of price. At present the mainstream laser power is from 1KW to 3KW. There are currently hundreds of suppliers of fiber laser welding machine in the market, the assembly of the machine has already modularized, same as fiber laser marking machine, the threshold is now pretty low.

03. Subsequent prediction of handheld fiber laser welding machine

Due to continuous demand for the fiber laser welding machine is big, some enterprises engaging in laser source start to make fiber laser welding machine. The development of fiber laser welding machine is ongoing, the size is smaller and weight is lighter. The laser welding machine will be like current mini electrode welding machine, it is possible to take to construction site to carry out welding tasks.

The cost of handheld fiber laser welding machine will continue to decrease in the future, but will not to the price level of normal electrode welding machine.

In a word, handheld fiber laser welding machine features high efficiency, energy saving and environmental friendly. While continuously replacing the traditional welding method, it can also increase the comprehensive efficiency and environmental protection performance of the whole society.

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