Portable Handheld Laser welding Machine UM1500A

The portable laser welder has been replaced by air cooling instead of water cooling, and the total weight has been directly reduced to about 42KG. Adults can lift and move with both hands, and the volume is more compact so that can also be easily loaded in an ordinary car, making outdoor work possible.

Hand-held operation, even zero experience can be used easily. The air-cooled refrigeration can allow operators to work continuously for 18 hours, which is sufficient for most usage situations.

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Main Features

Portable And Small Footprint

The weight of the whole machine is about 42KG, and the volume is less than 0.1m³. It can be moved by one person, and it can be easily placed in the car and the trunk.

Touch Operation

7-inch touch screen panel, equipped with an intelligent operating system, the operation is more intuitive and simple.

Efficient And Maintenance-free

Welding efficiency is 4-10 times better than traditional welding, 80-90% energy saving, better welding quality, maintenance-free and more cost-saving.

Easy Operation

Pre-set process parameters, quickly learn how to use in 30 minutes.

Efficient Cooling

Intelligent adjustment with temperature changes, effectively protecting the laser, and can work continuously for 18 hours.

Strength Beam

Higher beam quality, more concentrated energy, stronger metal penetration and faster welding speed.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power1500W
Laser Wavelength1080nm
Swing Width0~4mm
Output MethodQCS
Operating Environment temperature10-40℃
Auxiliary GasNitrogen/Helium
Cooling MethodAir cooling
Power Supply380V/50HZ/3 Phase
Welding Capacity

Single-sided maximum welding thickness: Stainless steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized sheet up to 4mm;

Aluminum plate, Brass up to 3mm;

Copper up to 1.5mm

Total Weight42KG


Comparison Between Traditional Welding And Laser Welding

Comparative ArticleTraditional WeldingLaser Welding
Heat InputVery HighLow
Thermal DeformationHugeSmall
Sweat ResistanceAverageLow
Further ProcessingNeeds To Be Sanded And PolishedNo More
Welding SpeedAverage5-10 times faster
Applicable Materials

Stainless Steel

Carbon Steel

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Stainless steel

Carbon Steel

Galvanized Sheet Metal

Difficulties In OperationDifficultEasy to learn and use
Environmental ProtectionNot Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally Friendly
Welding precisionLowHigh


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