Open Type Sheet Laser Cutting Machine UM3015P

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P SERIES, Open Type Sheet Laser Cutting Machine With Laser Power 1.5KW-6KW.

P series is a hot selling laser cutting machine designed to economically and efficiently cut all types of metal sheets for customers. The machine is compact in design and low in price. The 3015 model can be installed in a 20GP container, which reduces transportation costs and facilitates loading and unloading. Complete cooling, lubrication and dust removal systems ensure stable performance, high efficiency and durability of the whole machine.

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Auto Focus Laser Head

Good sealing and high pressure resistance can ensure longer lens life. The focus position can be automatically adjusted according to different thicknesses, which is flexible and fast, reducing material waste.


FSCUT Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Software

It consists of main circuit, control circuits, circuit protection, pre-ignition and circuit with flow, pressure and water flow protection.

Supports LXD, DXF, etc., and is equipped with real-time alarm and protection function.

High Efficiency Servo Drive System

The drive system of servo counters realizes the possibility of extremely precise positioning with the excellent dynamic response acceleration property and closed-loop control method, making the movable positioning mechanism work smoothly, reliably and without maintenance.


Precision And Efficient Transmission

Extremely precise linear guide, imported or independently researched gear and rack as transmission components. The transmission system is mounted on the machine bed by experienced experts with photoelectric autocollimator or dial indicator, which ensures that the machine is the best regardless of precision and moving speed.

Technical Parameters

Working Area3050*1530mm4050*2030mm6050*2030mm6050*2530mm
Laser Power1.5KW-6KW
Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Maximum Speed80m/min
Maximum Acceleration0.8G
Electricity Demand380V/50HZ
Cooling MethodWater cooling


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