Full Protection Sheet Laser Cutting Machine UM3015F

F SERIES, Full Protection Sheet Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Laser Power 1.5KW-30KW.

The F series fiber laser cutting machine adopts a fully enclosed protection design, automatic dust collection, safety, and environmental protection, and has a camera inside to monitor the working process in real time. It has exchangeable cutting tables design, which is able to save labor and improve working efficiency by 30%. The F series has a variety of sizes to choose from, equipped with laser power up to 30kw, suitable for cutting metal materials of various thicknesses. All kinds of components are made by well-known brands at home and abroad, with high precision, fast speed, and stable and durable performance.

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Heavy Duty Sheet Welding Bed

The high-strength machine bed is welded with high-quality steel plates. The bed has sufficient stability and shock resistance. There are no joints inside the bed to block heat transmission, which can prevent the heat generated during metal cutting from being transmitted to the machine bed, thus ensuring the cutting precision.


Sectional Dust Removal Device

Adopt intelligent negative pressure dust removal system. Intelligently switch the air door according to the current cutting position, and cooperate with the design of the seal structure at the bottom of the machine to realize smoke-free cutting.

Cast Aluminum Beam

Adopt cast aluminum beam, light weight, low inertia, high precision, good dynamic performance, save power and improve work efficiency.


Automatic Exchange Working Table

The high and low exchange platform realizes fast and complete exchange, saves loading and unloading time, and the maximum load-bearing capacity is 1400KG.

Technical Parameters

Working Area3050*1530mm4050*2030mm6050*2030mm6050*2530mm8050*2530mm
Laser Power1.5KW-30KW
Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Maximum Speed120m/min
Maximum Acceleration1.2G
Electricity Demand380V/50HZ
Cooling MethodWater cooling



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