Handheld Fiber Laser Welding Machine UM1500W

With Laser Power: 1.5KW/2KW/3KW

Fiber laser welding is a new technology that uses a laser source to generate a laser that has high power density to melt and weld metal parts together, enabling deep welding and high welding speed. Laser welding can produce deeper, narrower welding seams, which offers more advantages than traditional methods in industries such as architecture and automotive. Application: SS, CS, AL, Galvanized Plate, etc.

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Flexible Handle Welding Gun

The welding head is well sealed, which protects the internal components from dust, greatly extending the life of the product.

  • Double protection lens, drawer type of focusing lens, easy replacement of protection lens.
  • High quality optical lens, compatible with power up to 3000W.
  • The scientific cooling system design can effectively control the working temperature of the product and ensure the stability of long-term use.

Automatic Wire Feeder

Equipped with a fully automatic welding wire feeder integrated in the software. Compatible with 0.8-1.6mm welding wire.

  • Using welding wire is suitable for situations where the splicing gap is large.
  • Can improve welding quality and improve welding strength.
  • Easy to use and replaceable welding wire reel.

Water Chiller

Specially made for the matching laser welding machine, small size, perfect matching machine cabinet.

  • Intelligent one-button control system. Easy to use error code query system.
  • Integrated design, easy to maintain and repair.
  • Stable and reliable performance, low failure rate, energy saving.
  • Use distilled water.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power1500W2000W3000W
Laser Wavelength1064±10nm
Max Welding Speed0~120mm/s
Operating Environment temperature10-40℃
Auxiliary GasNitrogen
Cooling MethodWater cooling
Power Supply380V/50HZ/3 Phase
Machine Size1450*800*1200mm



Traditional welding Methods   
So much smoke and sparksThe welding quality is not stable and largely depends on the operators’ skill and the post-processing on the welding lines is necessary
Laser welding   
Very little of smoke dust and sparksStable welding quality and no need of post processing on welding lines



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