Full Protection Sheet And Tube Cutting Machine UM3015FM

FM SERIES, Full Protection Sheet And Tube Laser Cutting Machine With Laser Power 1.5KW-30KW.

The FM series is an efficient and precise metal cutting equipment with two functions cutting plates and cutting pipes. The whole set of equipment adopts a fully enclosed laser shield, which is beautiful, safe, and environmentally friendly. At the same time, it is equipped with a special exchange platform as standard, with fast exchange speed and convenient loading and unloading. it can be widely used in metal processing, machinery manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, aerospace, and other fields.

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Dual Purpose In One Machine

Adopting an integrated design, the FM series can cut plates and pipes at the same time, saving purchase costs for users, expanding the range of cutting types for users, and enhancing market competitiveness.

The pipe cutting part adopts a unique fixed fixture design, which can be quickly adjusted according to different pipe size, so as to 2~3 times faster than traditional electric chucks and has a wide clamping range.

Exchange Platform

It adopts front and rear dual-platform exchange design, the pulleys and rails are closely embedded, and the built-in pulleys run smoothly.

The operator can switch with one key through the control software, which is very convenient. The 3015 model can complete platform change within 12 seconds under no-load condition, improving work efficiency and greatly saving labor costs.


Auto Focus Laser Head

Good sealing and high pressure resistance can ensure longer lens life. The focus position can be automatically adjusted according to different thicknesses, which is flexible and fast, reducing material waste.

Intelligent Control System

Professional cutting software, supports cutting paths in graphic formats such as dxf, plt, lxd, gerber, and display process graphic on the screen. Improve productivity by optimizing graphic designs immediately after completion. All parameters are visible and adjustable on the screen, easy and convenient to operate.

Technical Parameters

Working Area3050*1530mm4050*2030mm6050*2030mm6050*2530mm8050*2530mm
Laser Power1.5KW-30KW
Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.03mm
Maximum Speed100m/min
Maximum Acceleration0.6G
Electricity Demand380V/50HZ
Pipe Cutting RangeRound Tube: Φ20-220mm Square Tube: Φ20-150mm



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