Professional Tube Laser Cutting Machine UM6020T

Flagship Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With Laser Power 1.5KW-6KW

The T series automatic metal tube laser cutting machine is used for cutting round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes and other metal tubes, meeting all tube cutting needs. And it can be equipped with a fully automatic loading and unloading device, which can realize batch loading, save time and help customers reduce production costs.

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Meeting All Tube Cutting Needs

Round tube diameter: Φ20mm-220mm
Square tube length: 20*20mm – 150*150mm
Machining of round tubes, square tubes, rectangular tubes, open profiles (L-steel and U-steel should work with TubesT nesting software; NOTE: If cut H-steel, Please be sure to inform clearly).
Single tube load capacity up to 300kg.


Robust Machine Bed

High-quality carbon steel pipes are used for welding, and the welding is performed by welding workers who have been engaged in it for many years to ensure the welding quality. After the welding is completed, heat treatment is carried out to further eliminate the welding internal stress, so that the bed can obtain better shock resistance, and then sand blasting treatment is carried out to remove rust for subsequent painting.

Double Pneumatic Chuck

The front and rear chucks are pneumatically clamped, with automatic centering and stable clamping. The maximum speed can reach 80m/min, and the chuck speed can reach 100r/min, realizing fast dynamic performance.


Professional Tube Auxiliary Support

Equipped with follow-up support and left and right clamping devices, it can play the role of auxiliary support for the pipe material up and down and left and right during the cutting process to ensure cutting accuracy.

Technical Parameters

Laser Power1.5KW/2KW/3KW/4KW/6KW
Maximum Speed80m/min
Positioning Accuracy±0.05mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±0.02mm
Maximum Acceleration0.6G
Maximum Rotation Speed Of Chuck100r/min
Electricity Demand380V/50HZ
Pipe Cutting Range

Round Tube: Φ20-220mm

Square Tube: Φ20-150mm



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